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Manuscript Review Process

1. Editorial Examination

The JASSP Editorial Team will carry out basic checks to ensure that the submitted manuscripts are under the scope of the Journal. Manuscripts that are outside the scope of the Journal will be immediately rejected.

2. Plagiarism Check

All manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism. JASSP uses Turnitin to ensure the authenticity of the paper sent. Manuscripts that contain the substance of plagiarism, dishonesty, or self-plagiarism, will be immediately rejected, with a similarity limit of more than 25%.

3. Peer Review Process

Journal of Advance in Social Sciences and Policy (JASSP) publishes articles which follow guidelines provided by JASSP. Submitted manuscripts are going through a double-blind peer review process. In this process, the author identification (name, affiliation, email) will remain anonymous. JASSP adopted this policy to ensure objectivity in peer reviews. The process may take two to four weeks (depending on the editorial board) and will determine the status of the manuscript. If necessary, revisions to the submitted paper may be required, and it is the author's obligation to revise accordingly.

4. Acceptance / Rejection

The reviewer will determine whether the quality of the submitted manuscript exceeds the publication threshold. We provide reviewers with the following options:

  • Accepted: No need for revision
  • Accepted with Revision: Revisions are required and must be completed before publication
  • Refusal: Manuscripts are not accepted (authors are welcome to send back at any time)