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Journal of Advance in Social Sciences and Policy (JASSP) constitutes an international journal to facilitate researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to contribute their scientific works on the latest theoretical and practical aspects of social phenomena and policy. JASSP includes multidisciplinary studies with respect to Anthropology, Arts and Cultural Studies, Government policies, History, Humanities, International Relations, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, and Sociology. The journal is an open access journal which can be accessed and downloaded online and for free. JASSP is published semi-annually in May and October. The manuscripts will have to go through a peer-blind review process as an attempt for a high objectivity. Researchers, policy makers, and practitioners are cordially encouraged and welcome to submit their manuscripts at JASSP.


Journal Title   :   Journal of Advance in Social Sciences and Policy (JASSP)
Editor in Chief
  :   Rudy, S.H.,LL.M.,LL.D
ISSN   :   2797-2151 (PRINT) |2797-5959 (ONLINE)
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Call For Paper Vol 2, No. 1 May 2022

Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022)

Published: May 30, 2022

Bogor Message and Wasatiyyat Islam: Reviving Islamic Diplomacy and Constituting the Transnationalism of Islam

1-11 Jelang Ramadhan

The Effectiveness of The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Regime by UNICEF in Encouraging the Implementation of Child Protection in SoutheastAsian Countries

12-20 Lucitania Rizky, Safri, Isna

Creation of Safe Space in COVID-19 Pandemic – A Case Study of Republic of Croatia

21-34 Ivana Cesarec

The Portrayal of Moral Particularism in Alcoholic Beverages Investment Policy

35-44 Rommel Utungga Pasopati, Hirshi Anadza, Syarifuddin

From Neoliberalism to Neodevelopmentalism: Indonesian’s Investment Policy on the Foreign Capital Post-new Order

45-56 Muhamad Iksan

Corporation’s Liability on Illegal Dumping’s Impact on Climate Change according to the UNFCCC and its Implementation in Indonesia

57-64 Elma Eddy Patra, Melly Aida, Jean-Baptiste Bing, Orima Melati Davey

Legal Standing Provision to The Community on Disputes Over The Results of Regional Elections With A Single Candidate In Constitutional Court

65-75 Sandra Leoni Prakasa Yakub Yakub, Qurrata Ayuni

Environmental Protection in the Era of Omnibus Law

76-82 Rodhatul Nasikhin, Ahmad Nuril Ihsan
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