Published: May 30, 2022

Bogor Message and Wasatiyyat Islam: Reviving Islamic Diplomacy and Constituting the Transnationalism of Islam

1-11 Jelang Ramadhan

The Effectiveness of The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Regime by UNICEF in Encouraging the Implementation of Child Protection in SoutheastAsian Countries

12-20 Lucitania Rizky, Safri, Isna

Creation of Safe Space in COVID-19 Pandemic – A Case Study of Republic of Croatia

21-34 Ivana Cesarec

The Portrayal of Moral Particularism in Alcoholic Beverages Investment Policy

35-44 Rommel Utungga Pasopati, Hirshi Anadza, Syarifuddin Syarifuddin

From Neoliberalism to Neodevelopmentalism: Indonesian’s Investment Policy on the Foreign Capital Post-new Order

45-56 Muhamad Iksan

Corporation’s Liability on Illegal Dumping’s Impact on Climate Change according to the UNFCCC and its Implementation in Indonesia

57-64 Elma Eddy Patra, Melly Aida, Jean-Baptiste Bing, Orima Melati Davey

Legal Standing Provision to The Community on Disputes Over The Results of Regional Elections With A Single Candidate In Constitutional Court

65-75 Sandra Leoni Prakasa Yakub Yakub, Qurrata Ayuni

Environmental Protection in the Era of Omnibus Law

76-82 Rodhatul Nasikhin, Ahmad Nuril Ihsan